Claims Adjusters Are Not Your Friends

A claims adjuster, no matter who they are, is not your friend. Claims adjusters: who do they represent? Who do they have the loyalty to? The insurance company.

Claims Adjusters From The Other Driver’s Insurance Company are Not Your Friends

So if you’re in a car accident and the claims adjuster from the other car reaches out to you they might invite you out to a cup of coffee, try and meet you somewhere, present a check to you, to try and issue a quick settlement offer. Insurance companies may stop at nothing in order to try and settle the case quickly and cheaply. Insurance companies want to deny claims and pay as little money as possible in order to have more money for themselves.

So what should you do? What’s the what’s the proper course? To have a mindset, to know that the insurance company is not your friend. The claims adjuster is not your friend. They may be trying to be very friendly to you try and persuade you. They may try and get you to give a recorded statement or just try and flatter you so that you’ll take some kind of quick settlement.

Claims Adjusters From Your Own Insurance Company are Not Your Friends

Let’s say you know a person gets in a car accident and then they have to go through their own insurance because of uninsured motorist coverage (where you can actually go after your own insurance company, in some cases where the other driver has no insurance or or they don’t have enough insurance). It’s very surprising to a lot of people when suddenly their own insurance company who they’ve been paying premiums to for years thought they had a loyalty to each other is now suddenly surprised that their own insurance company is not being so easy with them. They’ll start playing games a lot of the times: We don’t think that you had the right treatment, we don’t think that you really suffered from this accident, etc.

People become so overwhelmed and so bogged down by having to pursue their own insurance company and their own insurance company denying their claim. They can speak to the claims adjuster at their own insurance company and just be flabbergasted by the fact that they’ve been paying these premiums all this time and now the insurance company is not being forthcoming with the payments.

So no matter who it is whether it’s the other driver’s insurance company or your own insurance company, claims adjusters are not on your side. They’re on the side of the insurance company. Always just remember that when negotiating your claim, just have that mindset that it’s not personal. It’s strictly business for insurance companies: how much money are they going to save? What’s their potential exposure? With that mindset it should be easier for you to go ahead and negotiate your claim.

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